Thursday, October 16, 2014

Big K.R.I.T. - Pay Attention Video

Big K.R.I.T. is known for hitting up the strip clubs. K.R.I.T. was possessed by 'juke joints' with beautiful women, liquor poured up in his cup, and booty popping music to throw dollars to. Featuring Rico Love, Pay Attention has the perfect tempo for the strip club with an added incentive of a softer RnB sound. As for the video itself, simple, but stays true to style with the focus being on K.R.I.T. rapping the lyrics of the song. There are tons of cuts of K.R.I.T. with a sexy young lady in scantily clad clothes, and Rico Love melts women to his voice on the hook. Big K.R.I.T. should "Pay Attention" to those women, because the camera pays close attention to every move those ladies make!

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Monday, October 13, 2014

Big K.R.I.T. - See Me On Top Vol. 4

Big K.R.I.T. is putting out content that always stays 100 and See Me On Top Vol. 4 mixtape does just that. With Cadillactica album within a month away from its release, Krizzle puts out See Me On Top Vol. 4 for his fans to slam in the deck and let the trunk rattle. Mixed and mastered by Dj DiBiase, this 22 track mixtape is full of Big K.R.I.T. iconic hooks and heavy southern beats to bounce to!

K.R.I.T. must be "Doing Something Right" with every track having the style to keep your head nodding to the beat. Not only does Big K.R.I.T. bring the hype but he also brings the intelligence, which is something K.R.I.T. has perfected over the years and has elevated his talents into another level! Tracks like "Ready For What's Next" gives listeners a chance to hear K.R.I.T.'s storytelling lyricism. "Shook Up" is a every jazzy track that makes this mixtape well rounded and shows the diversity of Big K.R.I.T.!

See Me On Top Vol. 4 doesn't lack the featuring support. Not only does K.R.I.T. rip up every track, but he brought some friends along like Rick Ross, Juicy J, Strange's Music Rittz, A$AP Ferg, Rico Love, and touring partner Two-9. Big K.R.I.T. knows how to keep his fans happy by dropping a mixtape before his Cadillactica album is released. What more can a K.R.I.T. fan ask for? The guy just keeps putting out incredible music to vibe out to!

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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bobby Shmurda Performs Live on Jimmy Fallon

Do the Bobby Shmurda dance one time for fun and you will see why this hot new rapper is on the serious come up! Seen on NBC Tonight Show with funny man Jimmy Fallon, Bobby Shmurda performed his title track Hot Boy with the iconic Hip Hop band The Roots. Once a rapper goes mainstream, we see them go on a serious grind session with tons of exposure stemming from television appearances, radio play, touring across the country. Shmurda's following will only continue to grow with his gangsta style and fun antics on stage. Bobby Shmurda's style has placed him in good positioning to excel in the rap game! Be on the look out for more Bobby Shmurda and do the 'Shmurda dance'.

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As we prepare for Big K.R.I.T.'s return to Lawrence KS on Oct. 19th and await his much anticipated album Cadillactica, we found his trailer for his new album on youtube. Midwest Sounds can't be more excited for Cadillactica to drop Nov. 11th. Quick but to the point, this trailer only teases K.R.I.T fans with a minute of one his title track and leaves viewers wanting more! Big K.R.I.T.'s new album is going to be filled with hyped up hooks and beats to rattle your trunk, a perfect mix from the southern rapper. Don't miss out on Big K.R.I.T. live, as #PayAttentionTour travels to a city near you!

Pre-order the Cadillacica album off of K.R.I.T. Official Music Store

  1. Kreation (Intro)
  2. Life
  3. My Sub, Pt. 3 (Big Bang)
  4. Cadillactica
  5. Soul Food (feat. Raphael Saadiq)
  6. Pay Attention (feat. Rico Love)
  7. King of the South
  8. Mind Control (feat. E-40 & Wiz Khalifa)
  9. Standby (Interlude)
  10. Do You Love Me (feat. Mara Hruby)
  11. Third Eye
  12. Mo Better Cool (feat. Bun B, Devin The Dude & Big Sant)
  13. Angels
  14. Saturdays = Celebration (feat. Jamie N. Commons)
  15. Lost Generation
  16. Mt Olympus (Reprise) [Bonus Track]
  17. Lac Lac (feat. A$AP Ferg) [Bonus Track]
  18. Let It Show [Bonus Track]

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

STN MTN / KAUAI - Child Gambino - New Mixtape Hit The Web Today

Hitting the internets today is the latest project(s) from Childish Gambino, STN MTN/KAUAI.

STN MTN is the mixtape side of this project, and it is available for free download right now! Get it and start bumping this dope tape. No lies, it's pretty legit.

Get KAUAI off iTunes and support Gambino with this EP. This whole project is extremely well polished and is a treat to listen to.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Wiz Khalifa Earns His First Number 1 Album on the Billboard Charts with "Blacc Hollywood"

Wiz Khalifa has finally earned his first Number 1 album on the Billboard charts, as "Blacc Hollywood" lands at the top of the list. The album, released August 19th, sold 90,000 copies in the week ending Aug. 24, according to Nielsen. Wiz's last two albums, ONIFC & Rolling Papers both peaked at Number 2 respectively.

Shout out to Wiz for grinding and earning that top spot!

Get Blacc Hollywood on iTunes today and support the Pittsburg Kid.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Don't Shoot - The Game feat. Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Diddy, Fabolous, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Yo Gotti, Curren$y, Problem, King Pharaoh & TGT

The Game brought together a whole grip of features for this track: Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Diddy (shameless Ciroc plug), Fabolous, Wale, DJ Khaled, Swizz Beatz, Yo Gotti, CurrenSy, Problem, King Pharaoh & TGT all accompanying him on this track which is dedicated to Mike Brown from Ferguson, Missouri.

All proceeds from the song go to the Justice For Mike Brown Charity. Listen to it below:

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Driving Ms. Daisy - Logic feat. Childish Gambino [TRACK]

New track from Logic featuring Childish Gambino: Driving Ms. Daisy (Produced by Logic). This song will round out your summer nicely as you cruise the sunsets away.

Get this track now and expect a lot more from both Logic (Visionary Music Group) with his upcoming album on the horizon and Childish's new mixtape in the works.

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Childish Gambino - New Mixtape on the way: Stn Mtn/Kauai

After one of the best projects of the year, Childish Gambino aka Donald Glover tweeted out his new mixtape title that will be presented by Gangsta Grillz called Stn Mtn/Kauai.

No word on when it'll be out yet but look for it here on The Midwest Sounds.

The cover, seen below, is split in half visually with the top half being labeled STN MTN (Stone Mountain a nod to his kinda rough upbringing) and the lower being labeled KAUAI ( which is a nice place in Hawaii that the rich go to for vacation, a nod to his parents having some money).

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Monday, August 4, 2014

Big K.R.I.T. - Pay Attention feat. Rico Love

The new Big K.R.I.T. single Pay Attention featuring Rico Love is getting huge attention on iTunes ratings, and recently MTV did a write up on the new track. It was a matter of time before K.R.I.T.'s incredible and enlightening music that's holds significant stance in the Hip Hop game which entitles his footprint into the mainstream music industry.

Knowing Big K.R.I.T.'s background listeners have had the pleasure to hear K.R.I.T.'s personalize production, but this Jim Jonsin produced track gives Krizzle the expansion of his lyrical connection with the music has given him the spotlight to impress the doubters. Big K.R.I.T. goes beyond the southern's rappers ability to put rhymes together on a heavy bassed out beat, now Big K.R.I.T. can pour is heart and soul into his Pay Attention track with style and grace of a musical genius.

Krizzle is known for enjoying the strip club lifestyle and Pay Attention single does just that and "pays attention" to the beautiful women making the hustle on the main stage. Over her at MWS we are ready for Big K.R.I.T.'s much anticipated Cadillactica album to make it's release. 

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Wiz Khalifa - We Dem Boyz Remix Featuring Rick Ross, SchoolBoy Q & Nas

Wiz does it again and brings a crew of heavy hitters in the Hip Hop game with the We Dem Boyz Remix featuring Rick Ross, SchoolBoy Q, Nas.

Not only does Wiz slow down the beat with a old school synthesizer in the background but the remix has a more intriguing sound to the hook of "hold up, we dem boyz".

Produced by RMBjustize & Sledgren this remix to We Dem Boyz is arguably an upgrade to the previous track. If the remix indicates anything to Wiz Khalifa fans, is the fact, Wiz is still capable of making decent for a long time to come.

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Ne-Yo - Money Can't Buy ft. Jeezy

This is a classic Hip Hop and R&B collabo with Ne-Yo and Jeezy in Money Can't Buy single. With smooth singing voice of Ne-Yo making the female hearts melt in his falsetto vocals, Jeezy brings the thuggish lyrical content to secure the track's street creditability. The video plays the perfect balance of Ne-Yo and Jeezy scoping out the right female prospect to spend their life with. Check out this hot video.

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JL of B.Hood - Brain Scatter 2 Album

JL has came along way from starting in the Hip Hop streets of Kansas City, but now JL of B. Hood is making new waves in Vegas NV. Brain Scatter 2 album is stemming from the earlier success of the first Brain Scatter album. The hangover momentum from his previous Brain Scatter album, JL's Brain Scatter 2 has 16 tongue twisting tracks with a beats that rattles the bass!

The sequel (Brain Scatter 2) only shows the artistic growth that JL has inquire throughout his accelerated career. In Brain Scatter 2, JL has the ability to convey a intriguing sound, and composes tracks that tells a story of his life, speaking on hard times and the DIBKIS progressive movement of music.

Take note on the speedy delivery that the DIBKIS Remix track brings to the table, featuring Ces Cru, Joey Cool, and Info Gates. Another track to pay close attention to is What You Heard featuring Codak Carter and Jesus-Divine. What You Heard slows down the tempo some, but JL's signature "choppa style" rap shines through tastefully with the heavy west coast sounds pushing through the bass line. Paying tribute to his lost ones in his life, JL's Never Gone track cuts deep into his internal struggle of letting go of someone that lives on in the heavens. The spirit of Zoo will be "Never Gone" and lives through JL's musical talents.

Brain Scatter 2 allows for listeners to grasp the internal thought process of JL's musical vault. The mind of a musical mad man, JL also has controlled and calculated lyrical content that can gives us chills over here at MWS. Listen to the entire album here on MWS, but we highly suggest supporting local music in purchasing the album and become apart of JL's journey by clicking download. 

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

B.o.B - "LAMBO" ft. Kevin Gates and Jake Lambo

If you make a hip hop song with the theme being fast cars, be sure to have an awesome whip to stand next to in the video. B.o.B does just that with his track and music video called "LAMBO". Featuring two up and coming artists Kevin Gates and Jake Lambo, the three emcees basically rap about the fact that they only drive foreign cars with custom paint jobs and suicide doors. Not much to explain about the video but the cars are probably fast and we over here at MWS wish he had one to drive to work in!

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Dom Chronicles - ATOMS (The Album)

Dom Chronicles brings the smooth intelligence throughout his musical prowess. We have seen Dom grow over the past few years and to say that he's better now then before is just the capstone of what his new album ATOMS, brings to the table.

With bars that snap and beats that groove ATOMS pulls out all stops to take over the Kansas City Hip Hop game. Dom's ability to play on words allows for ATOMS to highlight spiritual and passionate music that is insightful to listen.

ATOMS is a delight to listen to and make sure to pay attention to tracks like Get Focused, which places listeners in the mind state to stay on the grind and live out your dreams by "getting focused". If there are feelings towards a certain squeeze in your life, tryout the track Main Thang and see where things might lead to. On ATOMS there might be some familiar names in Gee Watts and The Abnorm with Gee featuring on The Come Up and The Abnorm on Tough Talk.

Dom Chronicles brought another talent to the ATOMS album that sheds new light on the project.  The track Mutuality featuring the lovely Lindsay Alderman, a perfect fit to Dom Chronicle's the ATOMS album, with a soulful hook that Lindsay lays down and topped off with Dom's knock lines to immerse the beautiful ladies in the world with language to go crazy for, this track is a hot one not to miss out on.

Dom Chronicles is on tour right now for his album ATOMS so make sure to check him out while he is in cities like Cedar Rapids, IA and Denver, CO.

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Wiz Khalifa - KK ft. Project Pat and Juicy J [Official Video]

Wiz is always blowing up the right trees with Midwest Sounds. We are really looking forward to Under The Influence Tour coming up real soon with dates beginning the end of July and run through August! The all star line up includes some hot names in the hip hop game right now, so make sure to have plenty to roll up to that this concert! See the likes of Jeezy, Tyga, Ty Dolla $ign, and Rich Homie Quan plus more all summer long at the Under The Influence Tour 2014!

But that's not all we are posting about Wiz today, we got to let our people know about Wiz Khalifa's KK video featuring some kings of the Memphis Hip Hop game in Project Pat and "The Uncle" Juicy J. This party track signifies the state of mind in which Wiz plays tribute to everyday. Not only does Wiz proclaim to be the weed king of Hip Hop, but he proves it in every song and this video helps Wiz retain that title.  

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Joey Cool - Truth (Official Music Video HD)

Let's get the ball rolling with some more Kansas City Hip Hop and Joey Cool's latest music video Truth. This Reech Production visual brings to light the track's gritty swagger and fierce lyrical onslaught of vernacular tenses that Joey composes as a "choppa" rapper. The double time delivery gives Joey Cool his unique edginess in his track Truth. Joey's audience can really grasp his skill in which Truth stacks speed and precision into one incredible song. Take a look at one of KC's top hip hop artists rip up the mic with Joey Cool's music video, Truth!

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Mac Miller and the Most Dope Family - MTV: Season 2, Episode 1 (Video Clip)

Mac Miller And The Most Dope Family kicked off with Mac and the gang on their way to Ireland to open for Lil' Wayne. 

Mac keeping it weird per usual decides to find his Irish roots in the process of the trip. 

Catch the whole episode below via MTV:

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Scholarship (Music Video) - Juicy J featuring A$AP Rocky

Juicy J and A$AP Rocky got together on the track "Scholarship" and here are the visuals that go with it. Another twerk anthem from Juicy, memphis-represent!

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