Monday, August 4, 2014

JL of B.Hood - Brain Scatter 2 Album

JL has came along way from starting in the Hip Hop streets of Kansas City, but now JL of B. Hood is making new waves in Vegas NV. Brain Scatter 2 album is stemming from the earlier success of the first Brain Scatter album. The hangover momentum from his previous Brain Scatter album, JL's Brain Scatter 2 has 16 tongue twisting tracks with a beats that rattles the bass!

The sequel (Brain Scatter 2) only shows the artistic growth that JL has inquire throughout his accelerated career. In Brain Scatter 2, JL has the ability to convey a intriguing sound, and composes tracks that tells a story of his life, speaking on hard times and the DIBKIS progressive movement of music.

Take note on the speedy delivery that the DIBKIS Remix track brings to the table, featuring Ces Cru, Joey Cool, and Info Gates. Another track to pay close attention to is What You Heard featuring Codak Carter and Jesus-Divine. What You Heard slows down the tempo some, but JL's signature "choppa style" rap shines through tastefully with the heavy west coast sounds pushing through the bass line. Paying tribute to his lost ones in his life, JL's Never Gone track cuts deep into his internal struggle of letting go of someone that lives on in the heavens. The spirit of Zoo will be "Never Gone" and lives through JL's musical talents.

Brain Scatter 2 allows for listeners to grasp the internal thought process of JL's musical vault. The mind of a musical mad man, JL also has controlled and calculated lyrical content that can gives us chills over here at MWS. Listen to the entire album here on MWS, but we highly suggest supporting local music in purchasing the album and become apart of JL's journey by clicking download. 

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